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Barista + Retailer

Hunted + Gathered thoughtfully develop and produce chocolate for those who are passionate about taste and quality. We run a small scale operation and have a strong emphasis on the details so that we can be proud of what we make.

Our specialty is chocolate, made start to finish from the bean. Our process highlights the unique flavours of the cacao we choose to use.

We are opening a new retail and hospitality space showcasing our chocolate range, Assembly coffee and tea.

This is an exciting opportunity to be apart of a growing business and to get hands on learning experience with cacao and chocolate. You’ll be working with a team driven by quality where you can further your professional career in flavour and taste.

Successful applicants will have an opportunity to learn about cacao and chocolate in depth.

Opening hours will be Mon-Fri 8-3pm.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Making and serving coffee to an excellent standard, monitoring and following quality controlled standards.
  • Cash handling.
  • Visual merchandising and careful presentation of stock.
  • Focus on engaging customers and delivering an original, memorable experience.

Required Skills and Qualities:

  • Genuine interest in learning about coffee / chocolate / tea and looking after people, in equal measure.
  • Self-motivated, excellent multi-tasker and forward-thinking.
  • Prior experience in coffee or hospitality with an interest in taste and quality drinks and food.

Please send your cover letter and CV to