From the harvest and sorting, through roasting and winnowing, to grinding and pouring - every bar of our chocolate takes almost a week to make and it’s all done in our factory in Cremorne. We start with small samples and explore the characteristics of each batch before developing a new variety of chocolate. See how the process unfolds below.

     1. Source Cacao 

          Hunted+Gathered source 

          the world’s best organic         

          cacao beans from ethical 

          producers in Africa, Central

          and South America.

     2.  Sort 

     The beans are hand- sorted, 

     separating the good from the bad.

     3.  Roast 

     The good beans are 

     roasted. Temperature is 

     carefully tailored to origin

     to release their individual

     flavour profiles.

4.  Winnowing 

The roasted beans are 

cracked and winnowed, 

separating the shell from the nib.

5.1  Grind 

The nibs are ground with organic coconut sugar and organic cacao butter for 3-5 days.

    5.2  Pour 


6. Temper 

The chocolate is tempered, poured into moulds. Tempering gives chocolate its texture and sheen.

7.  Wrap 

Once set, the chocolate is

hand-wrapped to finish.

8.  Delivery 

The chocolate is delivered

to you.

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