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Tanzania 70% Buttons


These chocolate buttons are perfect for baking or enjoying as a snack. The buttons are hand deposited by our production team. 

The cacao beans from Tanzania are from Koko Kamili. They are a privately owned fermantary and social enterprise set up by Brian LoBue and Simran Bindra. They buy wet beans from over 3500 smallholder cacao farmers and combine them for fermentation. By centralising fermentation in a controlled environment Koko Kamili has helped improve the overall quality of the cacao, increasing income for the farmers.

Tasting notes:  berry jam, balsamic, butter





organic cacao beans, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter.







Zorzal Cacao

Cacao Duarte


Ferment 2 box system for 6 days

Drying Greenhouse with mesh covered decks.      

This single estate organic cacao is grown and fermented within Charles Kerchner’s 1000 acre bird sanctuary. 70% of the property is completely untouched and the remaining 30% is used to grow cacao. Kerchner produces cacao to sustainably finance the sanctuary operations.

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From the harvest and sorting, through roasting and winnowing, to grinding and pouring - every bar of our chocolate takes almost a week to make and it’s all done in our factory in Cremorne. We start with small samples and explore the characteristics of each batch before developing a new variety of chocolate.