• Dominican Republic

    Producer: Zorzal
    Region: Cacao Duarte, Dominican Republic
    Cacao Content: 70%
    Fermentation: 2 box system for 6 days
    Drying: Greenhouse with mesh covered decks

    This single estate organic cacao is grown and fermented within Charles Kerchner’s 1000 acre  bird sanctuary. 70% of the property is completely untouched and the remaining 30% is used to grow cacao. Kerchner produces cacao to sustainably finance the sanctuary operations.l

  • Ecuador

    Producer: Camino Verde
    Region: Guyas, Ecuador
    Cacao Content: 70%
    Fermentation: Bag fermented for 6 days
    Drying: Sun drying patios and mechanical hot air

    Vicente Norero is the owner of the Camino Verde fermentary which is located just outside of Guayaquil. Norero purchases wet beans from all over Ecuador and has years of experience in microbiology which adds a unique dimension to his fermentation process. Norero ferments in a humidity controlled room where he inoculates the cacao with enzymes to highlight the distinct flavours of the beans.

  • Belize

    Producer: Maya Mountain Cacao
    Region: Toledo, Belize
    Cacao Content: 70%
    Fermentation: Linear box system for 6 days
    Drying: Greenhouse with mesh covered decks

    This private fermentary was set up to increase and stabilise the income of smallholder cocoa farmers. Maya Mountain Cacao purchases wet beans from multiple farmers and combine them during the fermentation and drying process. This combination also improves the quality of the cacao by centralising the post-harvesting processes. Maya Mountain Cacao is the first specialty grade cacao coming out of Belize.

  • Peru

    Producer: Cacao Tales
    Region: Piura, Northern Peru
    Fermentation: Linear box system for 7 days.
    Drying: Sun dried on wooden beds.

    Cacao Tales was founded by Luis Mancinito to bridge the gap between smallholder farmers and global chocolate makers. They work with farmers in Northern Peru, providing centralized processing to ensure farmers get the best possible prices for their beans. Cacao Tales proudly partners with the Gran Chililque co-op, an organization with a leadership team equally composed of women and men.

  • Tanzania

    Producer: Kokoa Kamili
    Region: Morogoro, Tanzania
    Fermentation: 3 tier box system for 6 days.
    Drying: Moveable mesh beds.

    About Kokoa Kamili

    Koko Kamili is a social enterprise founded by Brian LoBue and Simran Bindra. They purchase wet beans from over 3500 smallholder cacao farmers and centralize fermentation in a controlled setting. This controlled fermentation process has led to higher quality cacao and increased incomes for the farmers.

  • Ghana

    Producer: ABOCFA
    Region: Suhum, Ghana
    Fermentation: Farmers ferment beans in cemented heaps.
    Drying: Direct sun in a thin layer on bamboo mats.

    ABOCFA is renowned for producing the highest quality traceable cacao in Ghana. As one of only four organic-certified cooperatives in the country, their cacao is incredibly rare. Their unique fermentation process takes place across 13 different farming communities, adding to the distinctive qualities of their beans.