Chocolate should be as honest as it is delicious.

Hunted + Gathered chocolate was created to be as simple as possible. Most Hunted + Gathered chocolate has just three ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter and coconut sugar.

Every chocolate bar is made in-house at the Hunted + Gathered Melbourne factory. Here’s how it happens.

Careful Sourcing

For years, the brand has sought out the world’s best cacao beans from ethical co-ops in Central and South America. Starting with small samples, they explore the characteristics of each batch before developing a new variety of chocolate.

First Things First

Beans are hand-sorted, looking carefully for imperfections and selecting the best from each batch. It’s a labour of love, but it’s worth it.

Heating Up

The beans are then roasted in an oven, where temperature is carefully tailored to origin.


Now that the beans have been roasted, they’re ready to be cracked and winnowed, leaving behind a pure, roasted nib.

Slow Grind

The nibs spend up to five days emulsifying into a mix with coconut sugar and cocoa butter. The days-long process ensures the chocolate has a smooth finish.


Tempering gives chocolate its texture, its sheen and its melt in the mouth. It might be the most important part of the process. The chocolate is gently heated to 50 degrees, then cooled down to around 31 degrees.


Once moulded into blocks, every bar of Hunted + Gathered chocolate is hand-wrapped to finish.