• Ecuador 70% Buttons
  • Ecuador 70% Buttons

    Ecuador 70% Buttons

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    These chocolate buttons are perfect for baking or enjoying as a snack. The buttons are hand deposited by our production team. 

    The beans used for this chocolate come from Camino Verde. Vicente Norero is the owner of the Camino Verde fermentary which is located just outside of Guayaquil. Norero purchases wet beans from all over Ecuador and has years of experience in microbiology which adds a unique dimension to his fermentation process. Norero ferments in a humidity controlled room where he inoculates the cacao with enzymes to highlight the distinct flavours of the beans.

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    • Certified Organic
    • Vegan
    • Ethically Sourced
    • Rich, Velvety Flavour
    • Fast Shipping

    From the harvest and sorting, through roasting and winnowing, to grinding and pouring - every bar of our chocolate takes almost a week to make and it’s all done in our factory in Cremorne. We start with small samples and explore the characteristics of each batch before developing a new variety of chocolate. See how the process unfolds below.

    • Established in 2012, Hunted+Gathered is built on the belief that simplicity is best. Operating from our Cremorne headquarters, we meticulously craft organic chocolate from bean to bar. Each chocolate bar stands as a testament to our commitment to simplicity, featuring no more than five ingredients, with most varieties showcasing just three. This minimalist approach ensures the intrinsic flavors and characteristics of the cacao bean are the stars of the show.

    • As dedicated Melbourne chocolate makers, our journey is one of exploration into the very essence of the cacao bean. It begins with small, carefully selected samples, through which we explore and identify each batch's unique characteristics. This meticulous process of development allows us to introduce new varieties of chocolate that are not only innovative but deeply reflective of our passion for quality and detail.

    • Hunted+Gathered have always been driven by a singular mission: to delve into the depths and nuances of the cacao bean, creating chocolate that’s as honest and pure as it is uniquely flavorful. Their dedication to the craft and the small details involved in chocolate making underscores everything we do, enabling us to produce products that we are not just proud of, but that are also emblematic of our core values of simplicity and quality.

    • Our philosophy ensures that every piece of Hunted+Gathered chocolate offers a distinct experience that celebrates the natural taste of the cacao bean. It’s a philosophy that guides Hunted+Gathered in creating chocolate that invites our customers to savour the pure, rich flavours of cacao, with each bar serving as a reminder of the beauty of minimalism.


    Is Hunted+Gathered certified organic?


    Why is Hunted+Gathered different from other chocolate?

    There aren't many people making chocolate from start to finish anymore and this is something we specialise in. From sourcing fine flavoured cacao beans from around the world, to roasting, grinding, and conching in house. Being in control of all processes ensures we can focus on quality and know what has gone into the chocolate and how it has been treated along the way. As we are sourcing such full flavoured and high quality cacao beans, we process them with care and at low temperatures as to not lose the pure characteristics of the beans.


    Are your products vegan?

    Yes, all core products are vegan.

    What is the shelf life?

    12 months from manufacture date.

    Gold medals have been awarded

    to Belize, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Madagascar and 85% in the Australian Fine Food Awards.

    Traceability is extremely important to Hunted+Gathered, we receive detailed transparency reports from each cacao supplier to track their ethical and sustainable journey.