Chocolate Sorbet 

by Analiese Gregory

Analiese Gregory is a chef based in Tasmania. She has spent time as a chef at Franklin, Quay and Ledbury. Analiese says about the recipe. "Here is a chocolate sorbet recipe developed for Peter Gilmore when I worked at Quay. It really highlights the nuances of high-quality chocolate and has an insane mouthfeel. Plus, it's accidentally vegan which is sometimes useful. I've also made variations replacing the water with cherry juice in Tasmania or with coconut water in NSW. Feel free to play around. Some garnishes I have thought of using are cultured cream, olive oil, Argan oil, whipped salted caramel or capers. Not all at the same time, however.



222g water

30g Drinking Chocolate 60%

72g sugar

70g Ecuador 70% Buttons

1 pinch salt


1. Bring water, drinking chocolate and sugar to a simmer, stirring to dissolve. 

2. Take off heat, cool slightly, add chocolate and salt and blend using a stick or upright blender until well incorporated.

3. Chill thoroughly and churn either in an ice cream churn or a Pacojet container.

To Serve: 
With a warm spoon, scoop out sorbet pairing with a garnish of preference. Options include: cultured cream, olive oil, argan oil, whipped salted caramel, capers but not all at the same time obviously.

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